World Music Academy is an organisation from New York that promotes artistic education of world music traditions through online courses, concerts, workshops and meetings around the world.

Our goal is connect musicians and music lovers to diversify and give access to music techniques, styles and traditions from every single corner of this huge and beautiful world.

Highlighted interest is on creation and diffusion on alternative methodologies, notation and pedagogies around the theme of music education and oral traditions, supported by practice and research on music, ethnomusicology, history and anthropology.


C is the best music teacher I have come across, she is knowledgable, talented, supportive and constantly positive. She has helped me so much with my voice and ear training from a technical standpoint and more importantly as a mentor has been patient and supportive.

Julien – Atlanta

Been taking online singing classes with C for almost a year. She is wonderful and could not imagine a better teacher. She meets you where you are in terms of learning. She is very soulful in her teaching so she incorporates naturally using your instincts as well as combing technical techniques. I am so happy to continue with her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ileana Montoya – NY