Gerardo de Armas


Subjects: Minor Percussions, Cuban Cajon, Conga Drums, Afrocuban Singing.

Expertise: Afrocuban music, Fusion, Pop Cuban Music.

Languages: Spanish and English.

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Artistic bio

Gerardo is an accomplished percussionist and singer who has lived and breathed Afro-Cuban music, and Rumba in particular, since birth. He is an ex-singer of the world-renowned Grammy winners Yoruba Andabo, with whom he performed both at major venues and festivals in Cuba and internationally.

His voice is easily distinguished on the recordings of such great bands as Irosso Obbá and The London Lukumi Choir. Gerardo is the founder and leader of the band Gerardo y su Rumba Aché, based in London. In the UK, he has performed at venues like the Royal Opera Hall, the Jazz Cafe and the Forge. His collaborations as percussionist and singer include artists like Eliel Lazo and Carlos Acosta.

Gerardo has led percussion and singing workshops in various cities across the UK and Europe.Gerardo y Su Rumbache, a London-based 8-piece band, was formed by Gerardo De Armas Sarria in 2011. They perform authentic Cuban rumba (yambú, guaguancó, columbia) as well as a wide range of Afro-Cuban genres: Palo, Makuta, Abakuá and Yoruba traditional music. All the members of the band are professional musicians who also perform with other projects in a wide range of styles – jazz, salsa, timba and son, merengue and many more.


As a teacher I make sure to find the right path of apprenticeship for each of my students so that they can learn properly.


Yoruba songs, Rumba, Palo, Makuta, Bembé, Abakua songs.

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“I was taking 1 to 1 lessons with Gerardo for 2 years. Now, though I play a different instrument, I can definitely say I am a much better musician thanks to those 2 years! They have really solidified my sense of rhythm and feel. No time signature can scare me now – and I’m currently working with some odd ones! Also, Gerardo knows so much about the Rumba and all the Cuban and Caribbean traditions – it is always fascinating to learn from him. His art and musicality is incredible, and it has made me look at any song I play now in a different way. I particularly liked the fact that he welcomes learners of any level, no experience required. Also, he is just a great person to be around. Not only are the lessons useful, but also fun!”

Alexandra Fedulova

“I have been taking private, one to one lessons with Gerado for about 4 months. He is meticulous in helping his pupil achieve the correct, high quality tones & sounds from the drums,  thus raising one’s playing standards significantly.. Being Cuban, he is also extremely knowledgeable & thorough about expressing & mastering the precise feel & essence of authentic Rumba. I highly recommend having lessons with Gerardo, whether as a beginner or advanced player!”


Gerardo is a firm teacher, yet his classes are fun and very educative. He has profound knowledge of Afro-Cuban traditions and versatile transmission techniques suitable to students at all levels and from different musical backgrounds. A rumbero at heart, Gerardo plays with vibrant energy, enticing rhythm and meticulous precision. His emotive voice, whether he is singing Yoruba chants or rumba from the barrio, touches the soul and keeps audiences on their feet all night. 


I chose Gerardo, amongst several teachers and percussionists in London, because he is a great name in the Afrocuban scenario. I have to say that taking classes with him is fun, still maintaining the focus on apprenticeship. He is also very patient, and respectful of my absolute beginner level. 


Gerardo is one of the top Cuban rumba musicians in the country and he has an incredible knowledge of all forms of Cuban popular and folkloric music. I’ve  been learning one-to-one with him for some time now and feel I’ve learnt so much. He is patient, systematic and inspiring – great attention to detail and technique but above all he communicates his love of these fantastic instruments. I’d totally recommend online classes with him, whether you’re a complete beginner or, like me, a drum nut!

Andy, Wimbledon

Gerardo de Armas is a Rumbero in London. I am very lucky to have found him after becoming interested in Cuban Rumba – although many can teach some pattens and technique – Gerardo is able to not only teach you but you can also see how he plays, moves and strikes the instruments which are how he produces such amazing sounds – he turns a Conga into a Piano!  I have been learning with him for some years and I’m now seeing the true depth he has as a Cuban percussionist.