Luz Marina Posada


Subjects: Harmony applied to the guitar; Vocal Technique.

Expertise: Baguala, Tango, Music from the Llanos and Colombian Caribbean, Ranchera, Bossa Nova and Copla Andaluza.

Languages: Spanish.

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Artistic bio

Composer, singer and guitarist, born in Medellín.

She had Music studies at the Popular School of Art of Medellín and classical guitar at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia with the teacher Roberto Fernández. Also modern harmony student of the teachers León Cardona and José Revelo.

Master in Popular Singing graduated from the University of Antioquia. Singing studies with the teacher María Olga Piñeros at the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogotá (ASAB). She has served as a teacher at the Débora Arango Higher School of Technical and Technological Arts (Envigado), at the Central University (Bogotá) and in the Popular Singing program at the University of Antioquia. Currently, advancing the last semester of her Master in Music from Latin America and the Caribbean, at the University of Antioquia.


My career has been developed mainly in the field of music of the Colombian Andes region, as songwriter, singer and guitar player. I have also studied and interpreted music from other parts of Latin America on vocals and guitar. My master’s research work is focused on the teaching of popular singing at the higher education level.


The repertoire of experimentation included various genres such as Baguala, Tango, music from the Llanos and the Colombian Caribbean, Ranchera, Bossa Nova, and Copla Andaluza.